Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Beginnings in Architecture

It hardly seems possible that it was 21 years ago when I first entered the massive oaken doors at the University of Houston College of Architecture, now known as the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture. I was 41 years old at the time and thought I was too old to be starting college, especially a program that took five years minimum of focused, intensive study and hard work. Encouraged by my late husband who said, "Okay, you're 41 years old now. You think you're too old because you'll be 46 by the time you graduate ... but how old will you be if you don't do it?" I immediately saw his point and set an appointment to meet with an architecture counselor. I registered to study Architecture for the next five years of my life. As I delved into the first year of study, I knew I had discovered my rightful place. I had discovered people who processed thought exactly as I did.

Whatever it is that you want to do, no matter your age, I encourage you to just go do it! You are never too old to follow your passion. You just might discover the fountain of youth in the process.