Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where Site Lines Meet: U.S. / Canada Gateway, architectural site map

This is the overall context sketch I did for a prototype visitor center to be located along the International Rift between Canada and the USA. This was a college project when I was in 4th year architecture studio at the University of Houston. I came across the original sketches and thought I would share them on the blog. The sketches measure 5x5 inches and are rendered with Conte pencil and India ink. The color on this image is a little more green than it should be. I'll try to correct that and repost it soon. The true color for the rivers and lakes is the blue you see in the board below.

The final project presentation consisted of three 30x20 inch boards, a triptych which I rendered in pastel, India ink and collage. The middle board is shown below. The presentation board shows my building design (conceptual) in elevation view and the site (blue-black-white) in plan view with the sketches in a grid pattern along the lower edge. Conceptual design is visionary and does not deal with the reality of structural engineering. Conceptual design is the first phase of architectural design. Generally speaking if you can think it, there is a way to do it. Of course, in the real world, the cost for building  may be prohibitive.